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The Perfect Stay for the 2024 Kentucky Derby

Goshen Crest Farm is a private estate in Goshen, Kentucky. The manor house was built in 1964 and was completely renovated in 2001. The home offers stunning picturesque views and is framed with finely-crafted Italian furnishings, all creating a fun and relaxed vacation ambiance.

History of Goshen Crest Farm

Harmony Landing, located on the Ohio River just west of Goshen Crest Farm, was probably first seen by non Native Americans as early as 1669, by the French explorer La Salle during an expedition from Montreal to the Falls of the Ohio (present day Louisville). Between 1774 and 1775, the land around Goshen was surveyed for land grants by John Tennant, Hugh Mercer and Leroy Griffin.

First Settlers at Goshen

Among the first settlers in the Goshen area were Andrew Marrs and Andrew Steele, the first building a small fort near the head waters of Pond Creek in 1793. This was probably located just to the southwest of present day Highway 1793. Soon thereafter (1799), the Trigg families landed at present day Harmony Landing. They apparently also built a cabin above the bluff near present day Mayo Lane. Captain Snowden, a former British officer during the Revolutionary War, and his family also arrived at Harmony Landing in the 1790s. At one point the development at Harmony Landing included a post office, four to five houses, a leather shop and a warehouse.

By the first decade of the 1800s, the initial settlement at Harmony Landing was threatened by Indian raids from Indiana, as well as by river flooding. This prompted a progressive movement away from the river and adjacent flatlands to the hills, leading to the settlement of Goshen. In 1812, Captain Snowden built the home that serves as part of the present day Harmony Landing Country Club, located just off Highway 1793.

Oldham County was established on December 15, 1823 by an Act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. There was a post office at Harmony Landing in 1833, but it was moved to the Goshen General Store located at the top of Goshen Lane on Highway 42 in 1851.

Establishing Goshen Crest Farm

The land upon which Goshen Crest Farm stands was possibly part of the Land Grant awarded to James and Edmund Taylor for Revolutionary War service in 1787-1789. It was deeded to various owners and on a map from 1846 (see below). The owner was J. W. Schrader. The site of the brown house at the entrance to Goshen Crest Farm appears on that map.

The main residence on the farm was built by Stanley Conrad in 1964. The farm was known as Oak Haven Farm and was a broodmare facility. The most famous racehorse from Oak Haven Farm was Old Hat, born in 1959. She was an American Thoroughbred racing mare and was American Champion Older Female Horse twice, sharing the honor with Tosmah in 1964, and winning it outright in her best season, 1965, when she was six years old. Old Hat raced for six years, starting in 80 races. She won 35 times, placed 18 times, and came in third 9 times. She was in the money an impressive 62 times. Her total earnings were $556,401. She is buried near the barn at Goshen Crest Farm.


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